Collei Genshin Impact Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Collei Genshin Impact Mobile Phone Wallpaper

Genshin Impact Android and iPhone Wallpaper

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Genshin Impact is an Open World game, which means you can roam freely once you set foot in Teyvat. Climb high hills, cross rivers, and meet the most Beautiful scenery you've never seen before.

You will play as one of a pair of blonde twins who travel from one world to another. Until an unknown god blocks your steps, then snatches your twin brother, and seals the power you have. Because of his magic power, he made you fall asleep and unconscious. After you wake up again, and you are the world around you... You are already in another world and no longer the world you know.

In your adventures, you will meet many friends with unique abilities with different elements. Form the best party, and search for materials in the wild to strengthen your character to conquer enemies, overcome challenges, and uncover hidden secrets in Teyvat. A world full of wonders is in your hands.



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